sp (a) ce

so i guess this is a place to put thoughts, work and expression in all forms.



- inspired by the novel Invisible Monsters
“We are all products…”
its not about
between your legs
ride that hypodermic
railway to supple fleshy
looking through windows
the silly splashing waves
that rush against
rocks like phallic symbolism
like age-old pictures
silent scenes until
cut away dialogue
and the director screams
(give me) river estrogen
(give me) scenic silicon mountains
(give me) rhinoplasty
(give me) identity
the crew falls away
director waits for luncheon sandwiches
its about spotlights
climbing clumsy ladders
distinct efforts
begging for (in)distinction
as twists to change dead filaments
twist skin and dollars
wrists and surgical steel
its about going under the knife
not the mutilating incision
its about love without sex
(give me) security
(give me) testicular abstractions
(give me) purposeful retaliation under guise of cosmeticism


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