sp (a) ce

so i guess this is a place to put thoughts, work and expression in all forms.



under bedroom canvas

Taught like the shear
Whining wires of guitar
Pluck (ed) in motion for response
In re(verb)eration

Rumbling through catacombs
Of thought about sound
He was rushed to answer his own
Of morality

In cast spaces lined of ancient
Scar – ridden vesicles
Slowly to carry like
A mule in desert
Without water, without
A smile

Lacerations tempt a thinly shadowed moon
From protesting
Marked graves in a vast corridor of dusk

Slowly to tear thin membranes
Tear think tanks from crowded rooms
Tear a hundred soapboxes
From under

Consistent characters pace the scene
Line call
Line call asshole
If only a sermon had been prepared
And he didn’t have to improvise

With God’s WORD

Restraint from tearing

like a tear duct let loose in dim
alleyway cats lick it softly
like water but with milky sweetness
“these aren’t like tears” she said
"you changed the beat of your heart” he replied

from mind


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