sp (a) ce

so i guess this is a place to put thoughts, work and expression in all forms.



neglected sullen hangs
like the third wheel
of third grade play
neglected sullen thought after
fine appendages dangling
into an ironically fiery hell
currents crash through
a naked neck
lifting sought after heat
and carrying into a mass of
tidal wave flakes
to dance among
small delicate birds
who if one were to categorize
they might say finches
and they’d be wrong
and delicate finicky birds play
follow the martyr
into the suicide winds
solace only
small abating eddies
occurring methodically
between eaglet and jarvis
or any other northern suburb
hung as if a testament
to all who oppose
handmade and finished
with gentle gliding needles
without the heat still
lifted from neck
to dance in suicide winds


  • At 7:40 PM, Blogger sienadialogue said…

    I really liked, "finished/with gentle gliding needles/without the heat still/lifted from neck/
    to dance in suicide winds". Very distinct and you used the most fabulous, articulate imagery. A true beauty!

  • At 8:43 PM, Blogger denielle said…

    so much to love. suicide winds... follow the martyr...tidal wave flakes... small abating eddies... brilliant haber!


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